Accessing Wranx

I have not signed up to Wranx and don’t know what it is. Why am I receiving emails?

Firstly, welcome! Wranx is an e-learning company working with your organisation to provide training and resources to help support your professional development and enhance your knowledge. Your details were shared with us by your organisation in order for you to participate in the training.

How do I activate my Wranx account?

You will receive a welcome email from support@wranx.com. You should receive this email shortly after completing a sign-up form provided by your organisation or if they have shared your details with us directly. Follow the instructions on the email to create a unique password to log in. If the email is not in your inbox, please check your spam folder. In the event that you don’t receive this email, please email support@wranx.com who will be able to look into this for you.

How do I log into my Wranx account?

Simply navigate to app.wranx.com and enter you login details from there. For easier access, bookmark this URL as you will need it each time you log in to your account. Alternatively, you can download the Wranx app from the Apple and Android store, where you will use the same username and password combination to log in.

What should I do if I cannot log in to my account?

If you are having difficulty logging into your account, and you are entering the correct username, you should consider changing your password. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Forgot your password’ link on the login page and following the instructions. Enter your email address and click the button ‘Send me reset password instructions’. Once you receive this email please follow the instructions. If you are still having issues logging into your account, please email support at support@wranx.com or contact the team through our in-app bubble service. You may also need to talk to your manager/employer/organisation for further support depending on which email address was registered.

How does Wranx work?

Do you have a tutorial video?

You can watch our user onboarding video here: https://wranx.wistia.com/medias/k1a67qdtmj or clicking here. We also have a detailed user onboarding guide that is available as a PDF in the Media Hub.

Why don't I need to type out answers for my daily drills?

Rating how well you knew the information helps our unique algorithm schedule repeat questions at the perfect time – just before you are due to forget what you have learnt. If you choose ‘I knew it!’, you will see the question less frequently. If you choose ‘I didn’t know it’ you will see this question more often, so this information can be effectively embedded into your memory. Remember to be honest with your ratings, as this will aid your learning further.

Why am I seeing questions again that I have already answered?

Due to Wranx’s use of the learning method of Spaced Repetition, you will be presented with each question several times at different intervals throughout the duration of the module, depending on your rating of how well you knew the answer. This method of learning is personal to you and means you will be presented with particular information at the exact time you would be due to forget it. Revisiting questions helps you to remember the information. Repetition is key!

My progress bar is showing over 100%. Why is this?

Your progress bar shows over 100% if you have seen extra repeated questions within the module. This is good because seeing information repeatedly will help it to stick! Reaching 100% on your progress bar is the minimum to be completed, as this means you have seen the questions repeated the expected number of times – keep pushing for beyond 100%!

What is the Media Hub?

The Media Hub is a knowledge base for our users. You will be able to find additional resources in there, such as PowerPoints, Word documents and videos to further aid your learning.

Questions, daily drills and modules

What is a re-do question?

Depending on what rating response you give to the answer, you may notice a re-do question will appear. This means that, at the end of your daily drill, you will be given another opportunity to answer any questions you were not sure on. This will help you to familiarise yourself with and retain the correct answer.

Why did I only get a few questions to answer today instead of the usual 10-12?

Don't worry! If you have been completing the drill for a number of weeks, this is normal. The reason for this is that you have now seen and answered nearly all questions in the drill. Our Personalised Spaced Repetition method is based on the responses you gave for how well you knew the answers and this information is used to calculate when you should be asked the same question again. If you check back daily, there should be more questions waiting for you again.

What is the difference between a module and a daily drill?

A module is a bank of around 50 Spaced Repetition questions. A daily drill is the learning you will complete every day, which is made up of approximately 10–12 questions pulled from the module.

How long will a module last?

A module typically lasts one month. Although, it can last slightly longer if decided by your employer/organisation. You should keep an eye on your progress to make sure you can complete your module in time.

Why am I not seeing any daily drills?

Your Wranx account may appear empty if you have not been enrolled on any modules. If this is the case, please contact support@wranx.com and they will help assign you to your correct learning module!

What will happen if I answer a question as the clock strikes midnight in my timezone?

Once past midnight, the time on your current daily drill will expire. However, you will be linked to your next daily drill, which you can then complete.

Points, achievements & leaderboards

How do I get points?

Points are obtained through answering questions. However, it doesn’t matter how you rate your answer – all Spaced Repetition questions give the same number of points. Achievements also give points. The higher the achievement level, the more points you get! Achievements are given for lots of different reasons, so make sure you keep using Wranx. For every day that you log in and increase your Seinfeld Chain, you will get points. Points awarded for your Seinfeld Chain increase by multiples of 5 with each login (capping at 50 points), so make sure you keep that streak going!

How do I see all my points and achievements?

Navigate to the ‘Progress’ tab at the top of the screen. You will be able to view all the points and achievements you have collected so far. Leaderboards and your Seinfeld Chain are also located within this page.

How many points do I get for saying ‘I Knew It’ when answering a Spaced Repetition question?

You will receive 20 points every time you answer a Spaced Repetition question, regardless of your response.

How many points do I get for correctly answering a multiple-choice question correct in a daily drill?

You will receive 25 points every time you answer a multiple-choice question.

How do I earn badges and achievements?

You can earn ‘system awards’ through general usage of Wranx, e.g. installing and logging in to the Wranx app. Assessment badges can be earned by passing set scoring thresholds, e.g. one badge for a score of 60% and another for a score of 80%. Finally, module badges are earned through the progression of a module.

How do I set up a leaderboard?

Wranx has two types of leaderboards. To set up a ‘social leaderboard’, navigate to ‘Progress’, then ‘All leaderboards’. Then choose ‘Create a social leaderboard’. Simply search for the name of the person you want to add to your leaderboard and start keeping track of each other’s scores. All users who are participating in the same learning module are automatically enrolled into a ‘Module leaderboard’. Please note: there is a limit of 12 people per social leaderboard.

Why has my Seinfeld Chain reset to one day?

Your Seinfeld Chain will increase with each day that you log in. If you do not log into your account for a day or more, the chain will break and be set back to one. Don’t worry, we don’t include weekends in the count!

How many points do I earn for my Seinfeld Chain?

Users are awarded points each time they increase their login streak. The number of points awarded starts at 5 and will increase each day in multiples of 5, eventually capping at 50. If a user breaks their streak, the number of points they earn for their Seinfeld Chain will reset as well.


When can I take my assessment?

Your assessments appear next to their relevant daily drills on the ‘Content’ tab of the Wranx platform. From there, you can see whether the assessment is available or not, the number of questions, the date it is available from and what the pass rate is.

Why is my assessment still unavailable to take after the ‘available from’ date?

Your assessment will remain unavailable if you have not seen all the questions in the relevant module. Keep going with your daily learning until you have seen all the questions!

Can I have a standard multiple-choice assessment?

Multiple-choice assessments are available, but this will be determined by your employer/organisation.

What is a Certainty Based Marking (CBM) assessment?

A CBM assessment is one that requires you to rate your certainty (High, Medium or Low) before selecting the answer. This helps create a more accurate assessment of your knowledge and confidence surrounding the topic!

How does the scoring on Certainty Based Marking (CBM) assessments work?

If you mark an answer with high certainty and get the answer right, you will be awarded the highest score, which is 3. If you are sure you know the answer but then get it wrong, you will get -6. Alternatively, if you mark an answer with low certainty and get it wrong, you won’t get any negative scores. This approach means you are less likely to risk losing marks if you’re uncertain.

Reporting an error

I have noticed an error within the drill. How do I report it?

The best way to query Wranx content is through the bubble in the bottom right of the screen or email support@wranx.com. Please provide the question text and raise the query you have with the information provided and we will check this for you and provide feedback.

I have broken images in my drill. What do I do?

For any broken images or media that aren’t working within drills, please contact support@wranx.com and state the module and question. This can then be passed on to our Content Team who can fix this.

Updating your preferences

Can I change the language I am using Wranx in?

Yes, you can! Simply navigate to ‘My Account’ in the top right corner of the platform and you will be able to select your preferred language and timezone on that page. You then need to input your current password to save the changes.

How do I get training reminders?

Wranx communicates with learners by using smart reminders. These are polite emails sent to our learners to encourage them to log in and do their daily drill(s). Users will receive their first smart reminder if they have not accessed their account in one day and this will continue if the account has not been accessed. We also send out push notifications to learners on our mobile app to motivate them to complete their daily training. For example, you will receive a push notification if you have not logged in to your account in over 3 days.